Unlock exclusive tools and resources to help you help not-for-profits
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Unlock exclusive tools and resources to help you help not-for-profits

12 days ago · 3 min read

Not-for-Profit Section membership helps you cut through the noise and stay current on not-for-profit developments and their effects on the work on your desk today. Whether you serve nonprofit clients or work directly for a nonprofit, you’ll benefit from exclusive tools and resources designed to help you further the important missions serving our communities.

In today’s uncertain and ever-changing environment, one thing holds steady: the missions of not-for-profits serve critical needs in our communities. These organizations count on you to keep pace with the unprecedented rate of change in accounting, finance, and compliance and help them make smart business decisions that further their missions.

Not-for-Profit (NFP) Section membership gives you resources to keep you up to date, strengthen your expertise, and increase the value you bring to NFPs. Whether you serve not-for-profits as a finance or accounting staff, board member, auditor, tax adviser, or consultant, you’ll benefit from the timely news alerts, free learning opportunities, and exclusive access to downloadable tools that will help you today with the work on your desk.

Here’s a quick summary of the many benefits NFP Section membership offers you:


Explore the comprehensive portfolio of resources related to NFP accounting, auditing, tax compliance and governance, including exclusive access to checklists, templates and illustrative examples of ASU implementation.

CPE and learning Receive 13+ CPE credit hours complimentary when you attend four live webcasts led by NFP subject-matter experts (up to 8 CPE credits — $396 value) and take the annual Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing Update (self-study online for 5+ CPE credits — $109+ value) each year.


Be among the first to know when standard-setters and regulatory agencies issue new guidance that affects NFPs. Members get regular eNews updates with time-sensitive news, views and trending topics.


Receive 20% off the award-winning Not-For-Profit Certificates and other NFP self-study courses, 10% off NFP publications like the NFP Audit and Accounting Guide, $50 off the flagship AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference, a free 1-year subscription to MyCPE Manager, and much more.


Enjoy the opportunity to connect with your peers in the NFP space through our members-only discussion groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can share knowledge, experiences, resources, and questions.


The NFP Section is supported by a team of experienced staff and industry professionals who are all dedicated to providing you with tools and resources you need to successfully serve not-for-profits as valued leaders and business advisers. Please view our NFP Section membership FAQs and feel free to contact us at nfpsection@aicpa.org if you have any other questions about your membership benefits.

As you strive to further the missions of your not-for-profit clients or organization, rely on the NFP Section as your partner.

Now is the time to make an impact

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis remains top of mind for not-for-profits and, as CPAs, you are ideally suited to guide NFPs through crisis management, recovery of operations, and future preparedness.

You’ve been at their side since day one, helping them make sense of the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program loan provisions, guiding them through unfamiliar processes, and keeping them calm during a time of incredible stress.

Now NFPs are counting on you to help them look forward—to continue making informed decisions and manage a broad range of risks, many of which are heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s more important than ever for not-for-profits to have robust systems of internal controls, strong governance policies and procedures, and well-defined risk management strategies.

With an NFP Section membership, you’ll unlock tools and resources to assist in all of these areas, including sample policies, industry best practices, and actionable information that you can use for your organization or share with your clients. Here are just a few examples:

  • IT Controls for NFPs

  • Sample Telecommuting Guidelines

  • Sample Gift Acceptance Policy

  • Sample Information Security Policy

  • Segregation of Duties Reference Charts for Small NFPs

Are you ready to help NFPs address their biggest challenges?

The NFP Section’s annual “top issues” post summarizes some of the critical challenges facing NFPs and their auditors in the coming year, as identified by industry experts. The post contains links to numerous corresponding resources designed to help you address these issues with your NFP or NFP clients.

In addition to impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic, several new accounting standards are becoming effective, including revenue recognition and grants and contracts. While FASB has provided an optional delay in the effective dates for revenue recognition and leases, many organizations are choosing to proceed. Some had already begun implementation; others prefer to implement revenue recognition when they implement grants and contracts, which was not deferred.

In today’s environment, we all need to be as prepared as possible for the challenges that lie ahead. Don’t miss this post—and the related resources offered through NFP Section membership.

NFP Section eligibility requirements

NFP Section membership is available to all AICPA members. It is an individual-based membership, rather than a firm-based membership.

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What did you think of this?

Every bit of feedback you provide will help us improve your experience

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