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How to bullet proof your investment portfolio | PFP learning library podcast

11 months ago · 12 min listen

Now is a time when many people are having anxiety about the current and future state of their investment portfolio. Those who have a good understanding of markets are confident that all will be well in the long term and will hold steady so they don’t miss the market surge. For nervous clients, it is important to communicate how their cash and investment portfolio are protected in a doomsday scenario, reinforcing your value and reassuring your clients that
you have their best interest at the forefront of all you do. In this episode, Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, interviews Dave Stolz, CPA/PFS, about ideas to consider with your clients to protect their portfolio during a volatile market, including:

  • What are some effective ways to hold cash?

  • How is your cash protected with FDIC insurance?

  • What is SPIC insurance and how does it protect your investment accounts?

  • How can you utilize T-bills in your portfolio?

  • Should you consider gold and cryptocurrency?

  • If you have a large tax liability, how do you keep your cash safe until the payment deadline?

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